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suppliers and developers of enzymes for the Australian and International markets

Ideas to Grow With®


Established in Melbourne over 15 years ago - the enzymes originate from DuPont Industrial Biosciences., Danisco Australia Pty Ltd, and Godo Shusei Co Ltd amongst other key strategic partners.

Additionally, we formulate and produce many of our own enzyme based products using the experience we have gained over many years.  Close collaboration with our customers can achieve unique products and processes.

Examples of locally produced products are Optivin®, Oleo Flo®, Fermassist®, Acidolact®, ProtiBond TG®, Solvabrew and OptiCarb.

Our success comes from offering first class technial support, which involves helping customers with enzyme selection, trials and process optimisation.  We invite you to talk with us to see how we can make your processes or products better - challenge us to "Make the Difference".

Connell Bros Company Australasia Pty Ltd Enzyme Division is ISO 9001:2008 certified and supports many industries including BakingBrewing, Cleaning, Dairy, Ethanol, Fruit Juice and Olive Oil production, Grain Processing, Paper, Protein ProcessingSpecialty Enzymes, Therapeutic, Textiles, Waste Treatment & Wine

Customer service is a high priority and all staff are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction.


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Enzyme Solutions® introduces Biosuccinic Acid

Enzyme Solutions® - in partnership with BioAmber, a leader in 'green' chemistry - is proud to offer customers Biosuccinic Acid; a naturally sourced flavour enhancer, salt reducer, pH regulator, preservative, chelating agent and emulsifier.
Biosuccinic Acid is a direct substitute for petroleum derived succinic acid and is used as a flavouring agent for food and beverages. It provides an alternative to food and beverage customers who want to replace artificial additives with all natural ingredients.

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Meet the Team

Back Row: Cassie Bayles, Daryl Bradford, Heidi Donnelly, Akshat Talwalkar, David Teh, Catriona Dawson & Barri Trotter.

Front Row: Gail Bearzatto, Geoff Bearzatto & Tom Mascara


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