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Application of enzymes in fish rendering.

Posted by barrit on 20 September 2012
Fish processing generates a range of by-products such as guts, skins, heads and frames and stickwater. By transforming them into nutritional supplements, fish oil, fertilizers, biodiesel and animal and fish feeds, these by-products can help fish processors realize significant additional revenue. However processors are often unable to extract the full value potential due to inefficient secondary processing methods or over reliance on mechanical, heat or chemical processes. It is here that o...
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Fuel Ethanol Workshop

Posted on 3 September 2012
Tom recently attended the Fuel Ethanol Workshop in Minneapolis in the mid west USA. One of the major developments has been approval from the EPA to increase to 15% the amount of ethanol that can be added to fuel. This was after extensive testing to confirm it did not cause any issues in motor vehicle engines. This removes the “Blend Wall” and opens the opportunity to make use of more cellulosic ethanol in gasoline...
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Re-thinking cleaning products

Posted on 2 August 2012
Using our blending and R&D facilities we have developed effective multi enzyme blends that target specific price and consumer markets. In the ADW product category, we offer the Dish Power triple blend for economy products, the EnzyDish blend for mid-range products and DuPont’s Twin Power™ for the premium phosphate free market. Likewise, our peroxybleach stable EnzySoak blend developed especially for soaker products has ...
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