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Grain Processing

Liquefying Enzymes

Thermostable Alpha-Amylase
Liquefaction of starch at high temperatures

Spezyme® Fred

  • Acid-stable, low calcium, thermostable liquefying enzyme

Spezyme® AA

  • Thermostable, liquefying enzyme

Low Temperature Alpha-Amylase
Liquefaction of starch at low temperatures

Spezyme® LT 300

  • Low temperature liquefying enzyme

Saccharifying Enzymes

Hydrolysis of soluble starch to glucose

Optidex® L-400

  • Saccharifying enzyme

Glucoamylases & Pullulanases


  • Saccharifying + debranching enzymes

Fructose Enzymes

Immobilized Glucose Isomerase

Gensweet™ IGI

  • Granular, immobilized isomerizing enzyme

Maltogenic Enzymes

High and Very High maltose syrup

Optimalt® BBA

  • Barley Beta-amylase for maximum maltose to glucose ratio

Fungal Alpha-Amylase

Diazyme® FA

  • Fungal Alpha-Amylase

Starch Separation/Viscosity Reducing Enzymes

G-zyme® G999

  • Lysophospholipase for wheat syrup filtration

Viscamyl™ Flo 

  • Starch separation / Viscosity reducing enzyme

Protein Hydrolysing Enzymes


  • Protease for hydrolysis at various pH

Gensweet, G-zyme, Optidex, Optimalt & Spezyme are all ® Registered Trademarks of DuPont Industrial Biosciences.

Viscamyl Flo is a Trademark ™ of DuPont Industrial Biosciences.

Diazyme is a ® Registered Trademark of the Danisco Group of Companies.


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