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Ethanol Production

Liquifying Enzymes

Spezyme® Alpha

  • High activity, thermostable alpha amylase for rapid viscosity reduction and efficient starch conversion.


  • High activity, thermostable alpha amylases for rapid viscosity reduction and efficient starch conversion.

Saccarifying Enzymes

Distillase® ASP

  • High activity glucoamylase with debranching enzymes for complete hydrolysis to glucose.

GA-L New

  • High activity glucoamylase.

Cellulose Based Biomass Processing


  • Range of high activity cellulase enzyme complex for the conversion of cellulose that has undergone a pre-treatment process such as ammonia explosion, acid digestion or steam expansion.  This cellulase formulation will facilitate process development and scale-up for the renewable fuel industry.

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Genencor launches Accellerase® 1500 and

Genencor wins the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Sustainable Energy Award for Accellerase cellulosic ethanol enzymes

No-Cook Technology


  • Alpha amylase and glucoamylase combination for the conversion of uncooked starch

Viscosity Reducing Enzyme

Optimash® BG

  • High activity betaglucanase, xylanase and cellulase enzyme complex for rapid viscosity reduction.



  • Fermentation stable, protease to improve yeast activity and ethanol yield


  • Neutral protease to reduce protein fouling and reduce viscosity in the slurry tank (wheat)

Spezyme, Distallase, Fermgen, Accellerase, Stargen, Optimash & Multifect are registered Trademarks of DuPont Industrial Biosciences.


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