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Custom formulations and blends with other baking enzymes are a specialty.


  • Fungal alpha amylases are available in various activities to suit the application.
  • To increase the shelf life and softness of bread and other baked products.


  • Fungal Protease 31,000 and Fungal Protease 60,000 . For protein modification of strong flours.
  • Bromelain 110 for modification of biscuit dough, crackers and pizza bases.
  • Papain 25,000 for high temperature activity on difficult doughs.
  • HT Proteolytic - bacterial protease with balanced amylase activity for biscuit applications


  • Pentoase 2K - is a hemicellulase with high levels of side activities.

Fungal Lipase

  • Fungal Lipase 8000 - production of mono and di-glycerides within the dough.


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