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Fish Oil:

Multifect® PR6L

Traditionally, fish oil manufacturers have relied on endogenous proteases to digest whole fish or fish guts and release oil. This process can result in extended processing times and substandard quality of oil. Commercial enzymes have the potential to shorten this processing time and also provide premium quality oil. However, converting to a commercial enzymatic process requires a high degree of optimization with regards to the enzyme used and the operating conditions. We are experienced in optimizing these parameters.  The type of enzyme mix will depend on the operating conditions.

Rice and Oat Milk:



Enzymes, especially amylases and glucoamylases are integral to production of rice and oat milk, a health food category which has seen phenomenal growth in recent years. Choosing the right type and dose of enzyme is critical to maximizing the yield. More importantly, employing the correct process flow is necessary to ensure easier and consistent process control. With our enzymes and technical support, we can assist you in optimizing your processes to help maximize your yield.


Multifect® CA - Microbial catalase for removal of peroxide.


Multifect® GO 1500L - Glucose oxidase for oxygen scavenging.

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