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Fruit Juice and Olive Oil


How does getting more juice with less processing issues sound? Our range of enzymes can improve your juice yield while maintaining or improving juice quality while also letting your plant operate at higher efficiency.

Oleo Flo®

  • Improves oil yields, increases plant throughput while maintaining oil quality

Optivin® 5XL Plus

  •  Pectinase complex for wine and juice processing.


  • Broad spectrum pectinase concentrate, with high arabanase activity.

Optivin® Mash

  • Pectinase blend for processing pulpy fruits and fibrous vegetables

Diazyme® X4NP

  • Starch haze removal non preserved

Pectinase AT 

  • Acid tolerant pectinase concentrate.

Optivin® P15 

  • Pectinase dry blend, small pack size.

Cellulase TR

  • Multi-complex cellulase


  • High activity pectinase for Pineapple & fruits in general and Vegetables.

Optivin is a ® Registered Trademark of Enzyme Solutions Pty Ltd.

Multifect is a ® Registered Trademark of DuPont Industrial Biosciences.

Diazyme is a ® Registered Trademark of the Danisco Group of Companies.

Oleo Flo is a ®  Registered Trademark of Enzyme Solutions Pty Ltd.

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