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Wine Making Enzymes and Nutrients

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From improving your yields through assisting fermentation on to filtration, Enzyme Solutions® has a solution to help you through vintage and beyond.

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A major Riverland Winery ran production-scale trials to compare their current pectinse enzymes with 3 competitors.

Product Range

Optivin® 5XL Plus

  • A wine industry liquid formulation, designed for improved processing and settling, particularly of difficult to process Semillon, Frontignac and Slipskins

Oleo Flo®

  • High activity mascerating, depectinising liquid enzyme

Optivin® Bruce

  • Red Wine Making liquid enzyme for enhanced colour, clarity and filterability

Optivin® P-15

  • Highly concentrated powder in convenient sachets

Optivin® Botry

  • Beta-glucanase system for treatment of Botrytis affected wines. Filteration aid. 

Optivin® Aromatic

  • Beta-glycosidase preparation used for aroma enhancement in aromatic varietals.

Lysozyme HCL

  • Anti-bacterial agent, effective on Gram Positive bacteria. Use to delay or inhibit malolactic fermentation.

Ferm Assist®

  • A balanced blend of nutrients with a reserve of amino Nitrogen for long lasting yeast health

Ferm Boost

  • Inactivated Yeast suitable as a nitrogen source for budding yeast in fermentation.

KV Mix - Kosher

  • Balanced blend of powder nutrients for brewing, cider, distillation and winemaking

Ferm Assist, Oleo Flo & Optivin are ® Registered Trademarks of Connell Bros Company Australasia Pty Ltd

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