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Enzymes for Brewing

A number of enzymes and yeast nutrients are available to suit various brewed products. All of the enzymes are derived from non-GM sources.

Beta Glucanase - Laminex®  Super3G -  High activity beta-glucanase improves lautering and beer filtration

Low Carb Beers/Increased Attenuation - GA 400, Opticarb® and Decarbase for the production of low carb beers, choice of enzyme is based on the required level of carbohydrate reduction in the final beer

Fungal Amylase - Diazyme® FA  - to remove starch haze and increase fermentable sugars

Barley β-amylase extract - Optimalt® BBA  - for high maltose fermentations

Papain - to prevent  the formation of protein haze in beers

Yeast Nutrients

Solvabrew™- Balanced blend of nutrients for beers - liquid

Yeast Food - Balanced blend of nutrients for beers - powder

KV Mix - Kosher Vitamin Mix - Balanced blend of nutrients formulated  specifically for ciders, can also be used for beers and winemaking

Solvabrew and Opticarb is a registered Trademarks of Connell Bros Company Australasia Pty Ltd

Optimalt is a Registered Trademark of DuPont Industrial Biosciences.

Diazyme & Laminex are Registered Trademarks of the Danisco Group of Companies or their affiliate Companies.




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