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Enzymes for Brewing

A number of enzymes and yeast nutrients are available to suit various brewed products. All of the enzymes are derived from non-GM sources.

Beta Glucanase - Laminex®  Super3G -  High activity beta-glucanase improves lautering and beer filtration

Low Carb Beers/Increased Attenuation - GA 400, Opticarb® and Decarbase for the production of low carb beers, choice of enzyme is based on the required level of carbohydrate reduction in the final beer

Fungal Amylase - Diazyme® FA  - to remove starch haze and increase fermentable sugars

Barley β-amylase extract - Optimalt® BBA  - for high maltose fermentations

Papain - to prevent  the formation of protein haze in beers

Yeast Nutrients

Solvabrew™- Balanced blend of nutrients for beers - liquid

Yeast Food - Balanced blend of nutrients for beers - powder

KV Mix - Kosher Vitamin Mix - Balanced blend of nutrients formulated  specifically for ciders, can also be used for beers and winemaking

Solvabrew and Opticarb is a registered Trademarks of Connell Bros Company Australasia Pty Ltd

Optimalt is a Registered Trademark of DuPont Industrial Biosciences.

Diazyme & Laminex are Registered Trademarks of the Danisco Group of Companies or their affiliate Companies.




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During these challenging times Connell Enzyme Solutions would like to reassure our customers we are continuing business as usual. As part of our ISO 9001 and HACCP programs our Business Continuity Plan was developed to ensure we can continue to support out customers, many of whom are suppliers of essential services.

Our sales and office staff are now working remotely where possible and we have worked diligently to secure our supply chain and supply of product.

We continue to monitor developments as they occur and remain committed to supplying essential businesses in accordance with local laws.

Our message to you is that at Connell Enzyme Solutions, it is business as usual.