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Application of enzymes in fish rendering.

Posted by barrit on 1 June 2021
Application of enzymes in fish rendering.

Fish processing generates a range of by-products such as guts, skins, heads and frames and stickwater. By transforming them into nutritional supplements, fish oil, fertilizers, biodiesel and animal and fish feeds, these by-products can help fish processors realize significant additional revenue. However processors are often unable to extract the full value potential due to inefficient secondary processing methods or over reliance on mechanical, heat or chemical processes. It is here that our enzymes can come to the rescue. By reducing the time, energy and resources needed for these processes, our enzymes can help processors achieve improved yields and superior quality of finished product.

This application has its fair share of challenges though. The fish rendering typically operates on low margins and so using the appropriate enzyme which ensures maximum efficacy at minimal cost is extremely critical. Furthermore, the process and capacity differences across various manufacturers means that the particular enzyme has to suit specific process parameters of operating pH, temperature, holding time, batch versus continuous process, cost  etc. Using our lab facilities, we therefore screen a range of enzymes, conduct experiments under these specific conditions and select one or two enzymes that would be most suitable. We then visit our customers at their production plants, roll up our sleeves and work with them in conducting extensive production trials with these enzymes. This hands-on scale up often brings about not just an optimization of the enzymatic process but also of the entire production chain resulting in further savings and ease of operations.  Some of our improvements include higher yield of fish oil, reduced FFA's, decreased stickwater viscosity, reduced processing time enabling faster throughput and increased protein digestibility in decanter by-products.

If you are a fish renderer and would like us to help optimize your process, feel free to contact us we are always ready to help!


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