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Grain Processing

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Thermostable Alpha-Amylase for Liquefaction of starch

Spezyme® Alpha PF

  • High-efficiency amylase when a rapid viscosity drop and/or liquefaction at elevated starch solids is required

Spezyme® AA

  • General-purpose thermostable, liquefying enzyme

Alpha Classic

  • Traditional high-temperature amylase formulated for organic suitable end products

Spezyme® LT 450

  • Lower temperature liquefying enzyme


Saccharifying Enzymes for the Production of Glucose

GA 400

  • For hydrolysis of liquefied starch to glucose


Maltogenic Enzymes

Optimalt® BBA 

  • Barley beta-amylase for maximum maltose to glucose ratio

Diazyme® FA 

  • Fungal alpha-amylase


Specialty Starch Processing Enzymes

G-Zyme® G999 

  • Lyso-phospholipase for wheat syrup filtration

Viscamyl™ Flow

  • Starch separation / Viscosity reducing enzyme for gluten recovery


Fructose Enzymes

Gensweet™ IGI

  • Granular and highly stable immobilized isomerizing enzyme for production of fructose syrups


Protein Hydrolysing Enzymes


  • Range of proteases available to suit various pH and temperatures


Diazyme, Gensweet, G-Zyme, Optimalt, Spezyme and Viscamyl Flow are all ® Registered Trademarks of International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.

Viscamyl Flow is a Trademark of International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.

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