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Pulp & Paper

Item Code: Pulp & Paper

Amylase 1500 

  • Alpha-amylase as a ready to use formulation for starch sizing at higher starch solids

Spezyme® AA

  • Alpha-amylases with properties to suit most plant operating conditions where starch modification or removal is required

Spezyme® LT450

  • Low-temperature alpha-amylase

Optimase CX 7L

  • A cellulase and hemicellulase preparation 
  • For fibre modification to enhance water loss and improve refining

Optimase® CA 400L

  • High activity catalase for removing hydrogen peroxide in pulp bleaching


Spezyme, Multifect & Optimase are Registered Trademarks of International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.

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