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Waste Treatment

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Drain Cleaning, Collection Pit and Septic Treatment

Sanizyme® was formulated to supplement the low level of enzymes and bacterial flora in present-day wastes.

Sanizyme® contains specific enzymes in addition to aerobic bacteria that clean plumbing systems by digesting organic blockages.

Sanizyme® also accelerates the natural biological decay of organic wastes in septic systems and is a valuable adjunct in treating settling tanks and lagoons. 

Incorporating Sanizyme® into your wastewater treatment plan:

• save costs
• improve water quality in the pond enabling the water to be safely used for applications such as irrigation
• reduces odour
• reduce the frequency of emptying septic tanks and the anaerobic sludge in the bottom of the ponds
• stops the organic build-up in pipes
• safe for wildlife and livestock

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