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Dairy Enzymes

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The Dairy Industry

Enzymes have been used in dairy products for centuries and without enzymes, the world would be without cheese.

Enzymes are used for the production of cheeses, yoghurt, specialised dairy powders, and lactose-free dairy products to:


  • improve yield and processing conditions

  • development and better control of flavour profiles

  • lower sugar levels in end formulations

  • create products suitable for the lactose-intolerant consumer

Enzyme Solutions have a range of lactase, lipase and protease specifically for dairy applications.


Lactose free

The growth of lactose intolerant consumers has driven an increase in low-lactose and lactose-free products available to include not just milk but other dairy products such as cheese and yoghurts. The demand for lactose free products will continue to grow and Enzyme Solutions have the range and technical expertise to be able to assist companies to meet the requirements of this market.

Our entire range of lactase-free products is non-GM and is high in purity to control the development of flavours in the end product.

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