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Protein Processing

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Protibond TG® EB3

Sprinkle type transglutaminase enzyme for binding meat, chicken and fish to form value-added products with

  • Better portion control

  • Efficient use of trim material

  • Ability to tenderise trim and then form portions

  • Reduced use of salt or phosphate binders

  • Easy to use process



Extensive experience with hydrolysis of Casein, Soy Protein, Gluten, Beef, Tuna, Chicken, Lamb and various seafood. Protein substrates may require optimisation for flavour profile and degree of hydrolysis.

Enzyme choice and processing conditions will influence the final results. Contact us for advice.


  • Papain

  • Bromelain


  • FoodPro Alkaline Protease

  • HT Proteolytic

  • FoodPro PNL

  • Glutaminase


  • Fungal Protease

  • Acid Fungal Protease

  • Amino peptidase


Protibond TG is a Registered ® Trademark of Connell Bros. Company Australasia Pty Ltd

FoodPro is a Registered ® Trademarks of International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.

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