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Brewing Enzymes

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A number of enzymes and yeast nutrients are available to suit various brewed products. All of the enzymes are derived from non-GM sources.

  • Beta Glucanase - Laminex® Super 3G -  High activity beta-glucanase improves lautering and beer filtration

  • Low Carb Beers/Increased Attenuation - GA 400, Opticarb® and Decarbase for the production of low carb beers, choice of enzyme is based on the required level of carbohydrate reduction in the final beer

  • Fungal Amylase - Diazyme® FA  - to remove starch haze and increase fermentable sugars

  • Barley β-amylase extract - Optimalt® BBA  - for high maltose fermentations

  • Papain - to prevent  the formation of protein haze in beers


Yeast Nutrients

  • Solvabrew™ - Balanced blend of nutrients for beers - liquid

  • Yeast Food - Balanced blend of nutrients for beers - powder

  • KV Mix - Kosher Vitamin Mix - Balanced blend of nutrients formulated  specifically for ciders, can also be used for beers and winemaking


Solvabrew and Opticarb are registered Trademarks of Connell Bros. Company Australasia Pty Ltd

Diazyme, Laminex and Optimalt is a Registered Trademark of International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.


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