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Not all Superheroes wear capes

Posted by barrit on 3 April 2018

Urgent Order Delivered!
We received a call at 4:30pm from an interstate customer that they had forgotten to order and was going to run out of an enzyme that was urgently required to keep their 24-hour production running.  The enzyme needed to be selected from stock with all the documentation completed, transported to the airport, flown interstate and couriered again to be on site by around 6am the following morning.  With the help of our staff and TNT Express we did it ...
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Re-thinking cleaning products

Posted on 2 August 2012
Using our blending and R&D facilities we have developed effective multi enzyme blends that target specific price and consumer markets. In the ADW product category, we offer the Dish Power triple blend for economy products, the EnzyDish blend for mid-range products and DuPont’s Twin Power™ for the premium phosphate free market. Likewise, our peroxybleach stable EnzySoak blend developed especially for soaker products has ...
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New Pectinase Blend

Posted on 26 July 2012
The R & D team at Enzyme Solutions has done it again - in this case, successfully develop a new pectinase blend called Optivin® Mash. It provides better juice clarity compared to our existing established commercial product - Crystalzyme PML-MX. With high levels of pectinase and other activities, Optivin® Mash would be ideal for tough fruit and vegetables such as pears, carrots, ginger, celery etc. Image: Crystalzyme PML-MX (left) against the new Optivin Mash (right...
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During these challenging times Connell Enzyme Solutions would like to reassure our customers we are continuing business as usual. As part of our ISO 9001 and HACCP programs our Business Continuity Plan was developed to ensure we can continue to support out customers, many of whom are suppliers of essential services.

Our sales and office staff are now working remotely where possible and we have worked diligently to secure our supply chain and supply of product.

We continue to monitor developments as they occur and remain committed to supplying essential businesses in accordance with local laws.

Our message to you is that at Connell Enzyme Solutions, it is business as usual.